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This blend delivers a smooth, sweet richness that blends beautifully with milk. The indulgent, syrupy body of this blend and tasting notes of rich dark chocolate, maple syrup and hazelnut praline is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Espresso, plunger and stovetop brewing methods are recommended.


The Italian Blend is a strong, traditional Italian style coffee that has been roasted in the Brasilero family for over three generations. This is a full-bodied coffee that is dark roasted and has a nutty aroma with a sharp taste. This blend is traditionally used for an espresso, but it can be used for all styles of coffee. 


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The Kracked Bean Celebrations Blend

The Kracked Bean Celebrations Blend is the latest from the house of KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters and is a perfect match for those looking to celebrate life’s special moments. This blend will delight and surprise coffee lovers with its complex, full-bodied flavour and tasting notes of chocolate, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours. 

KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters

The Kracked Bean Celebrations Blend
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