Join the De’Longhi Coffee Lounge

The Lounge pulls together coffee lovers and coffee experts from across the coffee world: from roasters to baristas, from chefs to machine manufacturers, it embodies the spirit of the contemporary coffee culture. 

If you are a passionate roaster and strive for excellence when it comes to coffee beans, this is the place for you to let people discover your signature blends. 

Thanks to the De’Longhi Coffee Lounge, coffee lovers have the chance to find coffee beans produced by a selection of the best local roasters and explore new blends that reflect their tastes and preferences. 

We select passionate and talented coffee roasters who, like us at De’Longhi, want to support people in love with coffee in the exploration and enjoyment of its amazing culture.

What we can offer you
  • Wider reach, greater exposure

    By partnering with one of Australia's leading coffee manufacturers, you can reach a wide and engaged audience of coffee lovers with your coffee beans.

  • Create your own events

    Put on an unforgettable event at the Sydney Coffee Lounge - our stylish experience centre located in Green Square, Sydney. Our team will be happy to discuss, design and execute the project with you.

  • Showcase your coffee expertise

    Tell your story, share your recipes and your roasting expertise with dedicated editorial articles, social media activities and events which we will host and share on the Coffee Lounge.

  • Robust toolset

    We provide all of the tools and resources you need to be successful within the Coffee Lounge platform. We will also share advice and recommendations to optimise your offering.