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The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge is where finding new coffee roasts is simple and easy. Scroll through our latest selection from some of the finest roasters and join us on our journey to discover a world of unique taste experiences.


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KaapiKaapi’s premium Café Espresso Sena blend of medium-dark roasted coffee beans focuses on Brazilian and Colombian goodness, brought to the forefront with a sweet Indian origin. Expect a bold coffee with loads of crema and notes of earth, spice and walnut. This blend is designed for those who love their lattes and flat whites, or a very All Productsbold black coffee for the not-so faint-hearted. Sena also goes well with milk alternatives such as soy and almond.

All Time Espresso is a rich and satisfying blend crafted especially for home espresso extraction. Perfectly balanced to be bold but refined, this blend has been developed with both taste and strength in mind, to deliver the all-time best coffee at home, every day.

This three-bean blend brings together diverse components to create a full-bodied coffee with layered complexity. In pursuit of the best possible home espresso, Industry Beans extended and tweaked the roast profiles of these coffees to allow for the extra solubility required to extract best with the lower dose and water pressure that comes with home espresso machines. You’ll taste the difference from your first shot of All Time!

As a black espresso, All Time offers an engulfing, caramel-like aroma and thick, indulgent crema. The sweetness continues through to a long dark chocolate aftertaste, a syrupy mouthfeel and subtle fruit qualities.

As a milk-based coffee, All Time is buttery, rich and sweet, with its added strength creating the perfect balance of creaminess and flavour.

Mokambo Rich and Smooth is a full-bodied, medium roasted coffee blend with chocolatey undertones and a sweet taste. This creamy blend was specifically designed to cater for most coffee drinkers as it is well-balanced and works very well as an espresso or milk-based coffee, as well as a pour-over, percolator or even a cold brew.

Espresso Martini
You've purchased the best beans, now for some recipe inspiration. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up post-dinner, the Espresso Martini is here to jolt you awake with its boozy magical powers. The story goes that the famous Espresso Martini cocktail was created in the 80s in Soho, London. The confusing combination of coffee and vodka is surprisingly delicious. To achieve this delicious little devil, it is important to use a good quality espresso shot.

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