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Criteria Coffee

Criteria Coffee offers seasonally picked coffees that are of superior quality, responsibly sourced and roasted in Melbourne for the world to enjoy. Produced by a team of multi-award-winning coffee experts, each blend is processed in their signature roast style to bring out maximum flavour.  Founded by Craig Simon, a veteran of Australian coffee, Craig has played an instrumental role in elevating our countries appreciation for what is no longer considered as a ‘functional beverage’. Craig has represented our country three times on the World Barista Competition stage, achieving recognition of his coffee evaluation skills as Australia’s first Q-Grade Instructor (one of 50 positions held worldwide). Criteria is dedicated to producing coffee that exceeds expectations and inspires a community of coffee enthusiasts and professionals, with a commitment to sharing not only amazing tasting products, but the skills and know-how to achieve your own coffee goals.

Roaster's coffee

When we think about Mexican coffee, we traditionally don’t imagine vibrant, fruity coffees that have a sweet chocolate finish – that is until now! The Santuario Project has once again impressed us with an interesting and challenging range of special release coffees that could be some of the best coffees we have tasted this year.

The F1 varietal, grown in the Ixhuatlán region has been meticulously picked, with 72 hour anaerobic fermentation of the cherry. The result is a level of fermentation that is dialled up to amplify the boozy stone fruit characteristics supported by a tangy citrus and chocolatey finish that lingers on the palate. This complex coffee offers tasting notes of lychee, bergamot, dark chocolate and peach schnapps. If you’re a fan of fermented brews, this one is for you.

Introducing Genji Challa, varietals 75227 and Merdacheriko. Farmed in the high growth area of Gera country and processed at the Telia coffee washing station, this is another sensational single-origin coffee with bright tropical flavours of pineapple, blood orange and apricot, producing a vibrant espresso and a smooth filter brew.

While we all love the unique expression of a single-origin coffee, sometimes a blend of origins on the espresso machine is a thing of beauty. This blend brings a depth of flavour which is often difficult to achieve with cherries from one farm. The Crowd Pleaser blend combines the ripe red fruits of a natural process Ethiopian coffee and the deeper chocolate tones of a smooth Brazilian coffee, put together in a ratio that allows both to shine and complement one another. This blend will deliver flavours of chocolate and cherry through both espresso and milk.

Grown amongst the high-altitude and lush landscape of the Ethiopian highlands, this washed single-origin blend encompasses all things we know, love and expect from an Ethiopian coffee – delicate florals, zesty acidity and a clean lingering finish. Roasted for espresso or filter preparations, you will find flavours of mandarin, honeysuckle and white nectarine.

With over two decades of coffee farming to their credit, Finca Santuario was established by Camilo Merizalde who began with a clear vision of producing quality coffee that pushes the boundaries of flavour and consistency. The Typica varietal with its washed processing presents a clean and delicate cup that lingers with flavours of mango, tea rose and honeydew. Perfect for a smooth filter brew and even more expressive as a single-origin espresso. When paired with milk, this coffee retains its complexity allowing for a balanced cup.

A high-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffee made from single-origin blended Colombian beans. Traditionally prepared for an espresso however, this roasted decaf coffee has been perfected for a sensational filter coffee too! The blend has tasting notes of green grape, pear and brown sugar – it is delightfully fruit flavoured with a smooth rounded mouthfeel. Using the sugar water process, green coffee is soaked in a bath of water and solvent which is naturally derived from fermented sugar, among other natural sources. The solvent bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid within the coffee, which allows for the extraction of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the bath and steamed at a low pressure to ensure no traces of E.A. are left.  The finished product is 99.3-99.9% caffeine-free.