Bean culture

Transformation from bean-to-cup

Crafting the perfect cup of coffee is a journey with four essential steps. Coffee undergoes a meticulous process from plantation to cup, requiring more than just quality beans, water, and optional milk. It’s an art, and De’Longhi excels in this Art of Transformation. The coffee machine plays a crucial role, determining the flavour quality of your cup of coffee.

The Art of Transformation: Four steps to perfect coffee

De’Longhi’s advanced technologies skillfully handle beans, milk, and water at every stage, resulting in a truly satisfying cup.

The journey to perfection involves four steps: grinding, tamping, brewing, and texturing (for milk-based drinks). To recreate the coffee shop experience at home, choose between De’Longhi’s fully automatic or manual bean-to-cup machines based on your preferences.

A coffee made for you: Fully automatic machines

De’Longhi’s fully automatic machines deliver a personalized coffee experience. With a simple touch, start your coffee journey. These machines have an integrated system, allowing you to use fresh beans and brew barista-quality coffee. If convenience is important, De’Longhi offers a range of coffee machines to suit your needs.

A coffee made by you: Manual machines

For those who appreciate the process as much as the result, De’Longhi’s manual machines are perfect. They authentically replicate a professional setup, making you feel like a barista. With technological solutions, manual machines simplify the coffee transformation process, letting you experiment with beans, grind, dosage, tamping, and milk texture like a pro. Unleash your inner barista and master the art of coffee making.

An ideal Italian friend

As a family-owned Italian company, De’Longhi values authenticity, craftsmanship, and the essence of “Italianity.” Their rich Italian heritage, passion, cutting-edge technology, and sleek aesthetics have made them the world leader in espresso coffee makers. Now, coffee lovers worldwide can enjoy the ultimate taste experience by brewing a perfect, tailor-made cup at home.