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To brew manually, or not to brew manually? That is the question

The definition of a perfect cup of coffee will almost always come down to personal preference – with every element unique to the blend and the brewing process. Deciding whether to brew automatic or manual will depend on which method is most optimal for creating the desired result. The proverbial “perfect cup of coffee” will require a little bit of exploration on the part of the coffee maker!

But let’s break it down here. What are the main differences between an automatic coffee maker and a manual machine?

To compare automatic versus manual settings, let’s take a closer look at the features of some of our latest coffee machines.

Automatic VS. Manual
The benefits of an automatic coffee machine are consistency, adaptability, and ease of use.

The PrimaDonna Soul automatic coffee machine was specifically designed for coffee lovers who want to experiment with different settings without formal barista training.

The PrimaDonna Soul’s Bean Adapt Technology can be pre-set for preparation according to the blend to ensure the ideal grind, dose, temperature, and extraction for precision accuracy in every cup of coffee.

For added convenience, there is a user-friendly interface that allows up to five user profiles to be saved on the machine. Additionally, users can defer to 21 “one-touch” recipes that include beloved classics such as the cappuccino, flat white, and latte.

The benefits of a manual coffee machine are creativity, customisation, and a handcrafted coffee experience.

Manual coffee brewing is often the method of choice for coffee connoisseurs because it allows the brewer to explore the full potential of a blend and create a cup of coffee that is tailored to an individual preference of grind, dose, water ratio, and milk foam.

The La Specialista Arte, La Specialista Maestro, and La Specialista Prestigio were designed for those who want to brew as the baristas brew from the comfort of their own home. All three machines have an intuitive interface that is perfect for mastering the art of making coffee.

The La Specialista range’s Sensor Grinding Technology allows users to adjust the grind across eight settings—developed to fit every variety of coffee beans and keep a consistent grinding texture.

Additionally, the Active Temperature Control feature optimises the coffee extraction process with infusion temperature settings that can be adjusted to suit the brewing blend.

For creative types, the MyLatte Art steam wand allows for manual texturing of the milk to a fine microfoam and barista-quality foam art creations.

It would be fair to say that one of the biggest draws of a manual machine is the artistic freedom, but it also allows a user to hone their barista skills at their desired pace.

Mastering the art of the manual machine

A manual coffee machine allows the coffee maker to experiment while maintaining full control over the process and presentation of their coffee —just like a professional barista.

But how does one master the art of handcrafted coffee? Here are a few guiding principles for fine tuning your coffee making skills on a De’Longhi La Specialista manual coffee machine.

  • Customise the grind: Create perfect fresh ground coffee with 8 levels of grinding to suit every kind of roasted beans. Work with the internal grinding sensor to calibrate the correct dose. The right dose is 8 grams of coffee for one espresso.
  • Tamp smart: Press the coffee by using the tamp with the right pressure. A consistent and level pressure will ensure an even density of the grains for optimal extraction during the brewing process.
  • Control the temperature: Use Active Temperature Control to set the desired temperature and keep the temperature constant according to your roasting level. An espresso is traditionally served at 65 degrees.
  • Choose the right cup: The ideal cup has a round inner base for minimal disruption of the crema.
  • Handcraft foam creations: Use the LatteCrema System to automatically combine steam, air, and milk for the finest microfoam. Use the MyLatte Art feature to practice your latte art creations.


Our La Specialista range of manual coffee machines use the principles of Italian design and engineering expertise to offer coffee makers a full range of capabilities and complete creative freedom to create custom handcrafted beverages in the comfort of their own home. To browse our range of automatic and manual coffee machines, click here.

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