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Your coffee profile is: Creamy!

Your favourite coffees are Arabica and Canephora species, blended together, with a medium/dark roasting colour.  Bakery, mainly with toasted bread, dark chocolate, roasted nuts, good bitterness intensity with a light hint of sweetness, medium/high and smooth body.


Coffee Type
Arabica and Robusta blends
Roast Level
Arabica and Canephora
Bakery, mainly with toasted bread, dark chocolate, roasted nuts


Your ideal cup sensory profile is expressed through hot drinks. Espresso is the drink that can express the best aromas and tastes of your coffees. In winter time, enjoy your coffee with milk based drinks as cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato. If you would like to have more fun enjoy adding syrups: caramel, toffy, roasted almond, vanilla.In the summer, enjoy your espresso mixed with cold milk or with a cold milk foam prepared with a mixer. Enjoy the refreshing flavour of mint adding a mint and chocolate syrup.

Our recommendations

This coffee was grown in the Chiapas region on a single farm in the South of Mexico, where it has benefited from a lush rainforest ecosystem with minerals and soils conducive to excellent coffee. It’s sourced from a single farm which is very unique for decaf, and processed using the Mountain Water Process*.

Decaf drinkers will enjoy its medium body and long, very juicy aftertaste with flavour notes of brown sugar, toffee and orange peel. A lovely balance of citrus and sweet notes with a low acidity makes for a velvety mouthfeel, enjoyable both with milk, and on its own as a black coffee.

*Mountain Water Process is a decaffeination method that immerses the green beans in clear and pure water to extract the caffeine through a special filter. This results in a bean that retains all of its delicious flavour notes, with no caffeine.

Crave is Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ best-seller, designed to exhibit the boldest flavours. With the biggest body, it’s a brilliant choice for milk-based coffee. The blend is creamy with low acidity and has notes of almonds, dark chocolate and caramel.

Tazzina Café is the classic espresso. A blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees to deliver a malty, caramel sweetness with a deep, long-lasting crema. With milk, the full body of this blend maintains its strength and sweetness.

Your ideal coffee beans deserve the all-round excellence of a De'Longhi coffee machine.