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Translated from French, rouleur means having wheels, or to roll. In Cycling the rouleur is a consistent all rounder who can ride well over most types of course… .. So here at Grand Tour Coffee Co we have brought together beans from Brazil (The Worlds Largest Producer of all Coffee producing both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans ) Ethiopa (Where “Coffea Arabica”, the coffee plant, originates. Production dating back dozens of centuries.) Asia (Boasting 3 of the 5 highest coffee producing countries in the world Asia provides a wide spectrum of taste varieties.) Simply put “ this blend does it all ”the ultimate all rounder ……

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£7.00 VAT included
£7.00 VAT included

Our BS1 Espresso was designed to be an easy drinking and sweet coffee. The flavour starts out with a strong milk chocolate body, followed by a sticky caramel sweetness. On the finish there is a juicy little red fruit kick. It’s a coffee we’re proud of not only for its flavour, but the strong relationship with farmers in Nariño upon which it was built

£7.50 VAT included
£7.50 VAT included

Beautiful full bodied coffee with apple at the forefront, followed up with a brown sugar finish, Fantastic as an espresso or filter coffee

£8.00 VAT included
£8.00 VAT included

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Elemental Espresso

This award winning espresso consists of Brazilian, Peruvian and Costa Rican Coffees. It is a full bodied coffee with notes of Brown Sugar and Berries. A fantastic coffee for those who want something a little different from their espresso.

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