Cappuccino – Topinambour – Céleri

I suggest you cook coffee as a starter, using the DELONGHI espresso grinder and some tips and secrets!

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To make “Cappuccino – Jerusalem artichoke – Celery” for 4 people you need:

  • 2 double espressos*
  • 30 cl of liquid cream
  • 80 cl of milk
  • 600 g of Jerusalem artichoke
  • 200 g of ball celery
  • Salt pepper
  • A few hazelnuts

Step 1

Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and celery and rinse them.

Step 2

Put them in a saucepan and add the milk.

Step 3

Cook them at a low simmer for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Then, blend everything in a blender or mixer until you obtain the ideal consistency of a soup or cream.

Step 5

Add the espressos, mix.

Step 6

Taste and adjust the seasoning.


I find it balanced, with deliciousness, notes of hazelnut and a hint of acidity thanks to its roasting profile.
I selected the “Orang Utan Coffee Project” coffee roasted by 19grams Berlin.
It is an Arabica coffee of TIM TIM and Ateng varieties which grows at 1500m altitude. This sustainable coffee is just as pleasant as a filter coffee as it is in espresso.
It comes from the Gayo Highlands in central Aceh, just north of the equator.
It is produced by farmers who are committed to protecting the flora and fauna of the rainforests with the Orang Utan Coffee Project initiated by Regina Frey Regina devoted her funds and strength to nature conservation in Indonesia starting in 1973, focusing on saving the Sumatran orangutan and its rainforest habitat.

All Orang Utan coffee farmers manage their coffee farms according to strict program guidelines and commit to:

  • not to use agricultural chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides.
  • to agree not to clear the tropical rainforest in order to expand their agricultural land.
  • to refrain from hunting, capturing or marketing any protected animal or plant species.

For their commitment and conviction, they receive a bonus and technical training to enable them to increase the quality of the coffee harvested. And the better the coffee, the better its selling price on the stock market. This virtuous circle helps save the planet and sustains environmentally friendly commercial activity.

Espressos are prepared with the DELONGHI espresso grinder.
Here are the settings I recommend:

  • Quantity of coffee: 3/5
  • Grind: 2
  • Espresso volume: 4 cl

Divide into cappuccino cups and grate a few hazelnuts.

You can “season” your usual soups and creams with espresso: Parmentier soup (potato) or Dubarry cream (cauliflower) also go very well with coffee.


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