La St Valentin au Café de Spécialité

Here is a caffeinated recipe for a long Valentine’s Day evening…
A thirst-quenching drink, lively and fresh, gently tangy and fragrant, made simply using the DELONGHI espresso grinder and a few tips and secrets!



• 10 cl of cranberry juice
• 4 cl of squeezed lemon juice
• 2 to 4 cl of strawberry syrup
• 1 espresso*

Step 1

Fill a large glass with as many ice cubes as possible.

Step 2

Pour the fruit juices and syrup into a shaker.

Step 3

Add as many ice cubes as possible to your shaker.

Step 4

Close the shaker and shake intensely but quickly.

Step 5

Filter the contents of your shaker into your glass, over the ice cubes.

Step 6

Extract the espresso into a pitcher.

Step 7

Then pour it in front of your lover.

For speed, you can pour the fruit juice into your glass, over the ice cubes, then add the syrup and mix everything with a spoon, before pouring in the espresso.

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