Venice, its 177 canals and 455 bridges attract the whole world: lovers for a romantic gondola ride; history buffs to discover the secrets of this atypical lagoon, its architecture and cultural heritage or even gastronomy enthusiasts to delight in the many culinary specialties including a famous cocktail…

Better known than the Spritz, more worldly too, it is served in all good Venetian establishments! Inspired by a pink-orange work of art, it is a tribute to the Venetian Renaissance painter, Giovanni Bellini, I named and you guessed it, the BELLINI. I invite you to discover a twist on this Bellini, an elegant and surprising coffee & champagne cocktail, thanks to the DELONGHI espresso grinder and some tips and secrets!

froid Alcool


I suggest you select a specialty coffee, ask your roaster for advice.

For this recipe, I selected a coffee carefully prepared by Diego Samuel Bermudez, from Finca (farm) El Paraiso, nestled at 1700 meters above sea level in El Tambo in the Cauca region of Colombia. Focused on innovation both technologically and agronomically, this coffee grower is exploring different ways to improve the quality of his coffees in cups. It is a single-varietal batch of Castillo, processed in double anaerobic fermentation. And what is astonishing is the precision of the taste in the cup with intense notes of peach and apricot.

The espressos* are prepared with the DELONGHI espresso grinder. Here are the settings I recommend:

  • Amount of coffee: 4/5
  • Grind: 2
  • Volume per espresso: 30 ml


To make DELONGHINI you need:

– 10 espressos*

– 15 cl of peach cream

– 1 bottle of reserve brut Champagne

Step 1

Make 10 espressos for a total of 300g of coffee.

Step 2

Pour them into a mixing glass.

Step 3

Add 15 cl of quality peach cream.

Step 4

Let the mixture cool in the refrigerator.

Step 5

When serving, proceed as for a kir royal: pour 2 to 3 cl of your coffee and peach cream mixture according to your taste then top with Champagne.


This base can be easily customized according to the seasonal ingredients you have available:

For example, replace the peach cream with a strawberry liqueur, and don’t hesitate to highlight the synergy between the typicality of your coffee and your liqueur. For example, if you have a coffee with gourmet and chocolatey notes, opt for chestnut cream! So be creative and above all HAVE FUN!

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