With the heat, we like refreshing drinks. And there is a family of cocktails, somewhat forgotten, which meets this need for freshness. These are the “Cobblers”. This family of cocktails appeared in the United Kingdom around 1810 and then spread to the USA where it became very popular. A Cobbler is prepared directly in a glass with ice cubes. It consists of brandy and sugar and is garnished with seasonal fruits.

Originally, the Cobbler was made from a wine or a sparkling wine, or even a fortified wine, I offer you a version which mixes fruit brandy and fruit wine.

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I suggest you select a specialty coffee, ask your roaster for advice.

For this recipe, I selected a coffee carefully prepared by Diego Samuel Bermudez, from Finca (farm) El Paraiso, nestled at 1700 meters above sea level in El Tambo in the Cauca region of Colombia. Focused on innovation both technologically and agronomically, this coffee grower is exploring different ways to improve the quality of his coffees in cups. It is a single-varietal batch of Castillo, processed in double anaerobic fermentation. And what is astonishing is the precision of the taste in the cup with intense notes of peach and apricot.

The espresso is prepared with the DELONGHI espresso grinder. Here are the settings I recommend:

  • Amount of coffee: 4/5
  • Grind: 2
  • Espresso volume: 30 ml


  • 1 espresso*
  • 4 cl of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 8 cl of sparkling water
  • 5 cl of strawberry wine
  • 2 cl of peach brandy
  • seasonal fruits
  • ice cubes

Step 1

Fill your glass with ice cubes.

Step 2

Add the lemon juice, sparkling water, strawberry wine and brandy.

Step 3

Gently mix everything.

Step 4

Decorate with seasonal fruits.

Step 5

Finish your cobbler with your espresso.


Thanks to the diversity of specialty coffee tastes, you can personalize this recipe by pairing the aromatic profile of your coffee with the brandy and liqueur of your choice:

For example, with a coffee with a floral profile, try this recipe by replacing the peach brandy with elderflower brandy!

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