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Chocolate Banana Split

When it comes to classic desserts, you can’t beat a banana split. Combine it with chocolate and top it with caramel sauce and extra banana.



Step 1: To create the first part of the recipe, add a thin layer of caramel sauce and banana pieces to the bottom of the glass.
Step 2: Once done, prepare a cup of hot chocolate in the MixCarafe using the maximum level of density and pour it into the cup until it fills around 1/2 of the glass. Rinse out the MixCarafe.
Step 3: Take the MixCarafe with aero stirrer to prepare 1 cup of cold milk foam using the maximum level of froth and pour it over the hot chocolate.
Step 4: To complete the recipe, decorate with caramel sauce and banana pieces.

For best visual results, pour each drink into the glass over the back of a long spoon to create even layers.

5 min Easy Milk based


200 ml of cold milk

Cocoa powder

Caramel sauce

1/2 banana

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