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Plant-based milks, crafted for coffee

Over recent years, plant-based and alternative milk consumption has skyrocketed as people seek out alternatives to dairy. With this, we’ve seen impressive innovation from brands who have developed plant-based milks crafted specially for coffee. Our friends at Australia’s Own have just launched Australia’s Own Barista Oat, which has a smooth and creamy taste, developed for coffee and formulated to texture and froth just like dairy. 

Australia’s Own spoke to our very own local Coffee Ambassador, Craig Simon about the difference between dairy and plant-based milks and how to achieve the perfect oat coffee at home.


“The main difference people notice at first with oat milk is the texture. Creating the texture of beautiful coffee milk is all about fat content and structure. That structure is achieved by capturing tiny air bubbles that you – the home barista – add as you heat the milk.”

“The trick is finding just the right amount of air addition, so that your milk has enough texture and is not thin and watery – but without adding so much air that it becomes foamy.”

Perfect textured oat milk should look like pouring cream when you swirl the jug after heating.


“Some alternative milks are a bit more sensitive to temperature and how gently you add the air from the steamer,” Simon says.

“Too hot or cold and the texture isn’t stable and can risk falling apart – dairy is a bit kinder when it comes to finding that perfect temperature. My best tip is to practice a bit with a great quality plant-based milk.”

“Perfectly textured oat milk will have a smooth, creamy texture that has no open bubbles and will be glossy and integrated.”

“It should look like pouring cream when you swirl the jug after heating. If it’s too thin and watery you need to add more air. If it is separated and you have a foamy head on top of the milk (like the head on a beer), you need to add the air more gently and perhaps just a bit less.”



“Lastly, as much as it’s about the texture and technique of the milk, have a good think about the taste!”

“That’s what impressed me about Australia’s Own Barista Oat. To me, the best oat milk combines harmoniously with your coffee and doesn’t overpower its flavour.”

To celebrate the launch of Barista Oat, Australia’s Own has been encouraging Aussies to take some much-needed time for relaxation, or ‘time oat’. Head to Australia’s Own’s Instagram to go in the running to win some amazing Time Oat prizes (until December 2021).