Coffee Machines

Can you really invite a barista into your home?

It might seem inappropriate. After all, there are all those jokes about the milkman. But you can, legitimately, have a personal barista in your home. Permanently. As in, wake up in the morning and they’re there for you, ready to brew. It comes in the form of a fully automatic coffee machine.

Ok, you may think, but that’s a machine, not a person. True. But it’s an incredibly smart machine that’s designed to create the perfect coffee to your taste, at the touch of a button. Not only is it smart, but it’s also a great listener, and will remember everything you tell it!

There’s a reason Australians are investing in fully automatic coffee machines. And they are. Pre-pandemic the Australian Financial Review reported a growth of 20% per year in domestic coffee machine sales – that’s likely to have doubled since 2020.

Alright, you may ask, what’s the reason? Actually, there are several! But here are the big ones:

  • Price. If you do a simple cost analysis of what you spend on coffee from a café per week, it will likely make the barefoot investor in you scream. Even if your household is buying just two coffees per day, that’s over $50 a week. The average cost per coffee on a fully automatic machine is 20 cents a cup! You could pay for a machine in 3 to 6 months on average. Seriously, look at the machine options and do the maths, you’ll end up saving considerably.


  • Barista-quality. We’re not joking about this. The De’Longhi bean-to-cup automatic coffee machines have been designed to replicate the steps your barista takes to make you a perfect coffee, such as grinding, dosing and tamping. These machines also include technology such as the LatteCrema system to produce barista-standard milk frothing. Plus, they have an automatic cleaning system. Remember, you basically have a personal barista in your home. And this barista is available around the clock, 7 days a week, consistently performing at their best…


  • Time. No waiting in queues for your coffee. You don’t need to walk or stop by the café before work. You can programme your machine to have your coffee made at an exact time too so you don’t even have to wait for it to be made in the morning. Additionally, the De’Longhi Coffee Link App means that all your coffee machine settings are at your fingertips. You can programme your machine remotely. You can explore various coffee beverages and perfect them to suit your taste. And all your recipes are saved so that when you go to make them it’s one or two presses of a button.


  • Support your local. Hang on, you ask, how can I be supporting my local café if I’m no longer buying coffee? Beans my friend. You’ll need lovely fresh beans to make your coffee at home. Buy the beans from your favourite café. You’ll probably form a deeper connection with your local by learning more about the beans that make your coffee taste so good! You can also support local businesses even further by finding out what coffee roasters are active in your area. A great place to start is by checking out our roaster partners.


Based on the above, you can probably understand why so many Australians are choosing to invite a barista into their home. It’s a lifestyle choice that won’t break the bank – or a relationship (milkman aside).

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