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How to make Cold Brew fast (in under 5 minutes)

Cold Brew takes at least 12 hours to make. But how can you make cold brew fast? Discover how, thanks to De’Longhi Cold Extraction Technology.

Cold Brew coffee has become one of the most popular coffee drinks worldwide due to its smooth, refreshing, and nuanced taste. However, the traditional method of preparing Cold Brew coffee can be quite time-consuming, taking at least 12 hours to brew. This is because the process involves steeping coffee grounds in room temperature water for an extended period. Additionally, getting the coffee-to-water ratio correct can be tricky.

Fortunately, De’Longhi has developed a new Cold Extraction Technology that makes preparing Cold Brew coffee at home much faster and easier. This groundbreaking technology allows coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite drink in just a fraction of the time it would take with the traditional method. With this new technology, anyone can quickly make a delicious cup of Cold Brew coffee at home.

According to Simone Rosetta, De’Longhi’s Automatic Coffee Machines R&D Director, the key to the new Cold Extraction Technology is a dedicated separate circuit. This innovative technology “uses room temperature water at around 20°C to control the infusion process while respecting the raw material, resulting in a perfect Cold Brew in under 5 minutes. The technology also offers two different intensity levels to cater to varying preferences”.

De’Longhi has incorporated this new Cold Extraction Technology into two of its bean-to-cup machines, La Specialista Maestro, and Eletta Explore. La Specialista Maestro is a manual bean-to-cup machine that is perfect for passionate home baristas, while Eletta Explore is a fully automatic machine that offers an endless selection of hot and cold coffee preparations for those who prefer convenience and variety.

Eletta Explore offers a variety of hot and cold drinks with just a touch of a button. With LatteCrema Cool Technology, adventurous coffee lovers can create barista-quality cold brew microfoam. Choose from a range of drinks to suit every taste, including Cold Brew Cappuccino or Cold Brew Latte. Try alternative recipes like Honey and Almond Cold Brew Cappuccino, and Oat and Nut Cold Brew Latte, or indulge in a refreshing Minty Chocolate Cold Brew Cappuccino. Home mixologists will enjoy the Cold Brew to Mix function, and those in a hurry can use the “To Go” function to enjoy a Cold Brew on-the-go.

Whether coffee lovers want to explore Cold Brew, or Cold Brew aficionados want to try something new, De’Longhi offers endless variety and creativity.

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Eletta Explore

Explore an endless variety of hot, iced, and Cold Brew coffee recipes, with De’Longhi Eletta Explore.

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