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A deep dive into the De’Longhi design process

United in their vision, our design team shares some of the knowledge and technical expertise that went into the creation of our signature La Specialista machines.

From product design, engineering, research, and development to tasting—each member of our design team plays an important role in creating “the perfect coffee experience.”

The result is a deep dive into the industry’s creative process, from the design and development of the machines to how the machines work to bring people together.

On the design front, Francesco Fiorotto, who is a Senior Product Designer at De’Longhi, explains how we as a company infuse our values into the products we design.

“I believe that the work we do speaks to our expertise, our heritage, and our passion on every design project, while at the same time embodying the essence of Italian design and craftsmanship.”

“But first and foremost—we are designing an experience for people,” he says, emphasising that through an experiential design approach, the design team aims to address the dreams and desires of customers who wish to brew as the baristas brew.

“We want to fascinate our customers with design details, while also maintaining consistency in our style,” he enthuses. “This continuity establishes a strong brand identity that makes us recognisable to our customers.”

Francesco notes that customers appreciate the distinctive design style of the La Specialista range, which incorporates many different features and functions that draw on inspiration from real customer feedback and the careful study of end-user habits, needs, and desires.

But really, in the end, it comes down to how a cup of coffee tastes.

Enter Andrej Godina— our Professional Coffee Taster whose astute coffee knowledge is exceeded only by his laser sharp observational ability and refined palette.

His work involves classifying the features of every espresso he encounters based on how they affect the senses—a very visceral experience.

“A good coffee should have a complex and intense aroma,” he says. ‘It should contain a balance of bitterness, sweetness and acidity. The beverage’s body should be strong for one’s palette, and the aftertaste should be lasting.”

In effect, he explains that creating such an experience requires many aspects of the coffee-making process to align. “The water temperature and pressure, coffee dose, grind size, consistency and volume of the coffee in the cup all play a unique role in how the beverage will affect the senses.”

Our La Specialista coffee machines invite coffee lovers to enjoy a sensory experience and a meeting of the minds, so to speak, of form, function, and flavour. For more information, please visit the La Specialista range on our website.