Coffee history

The coffee waves

The last few decades have been a period of boost and evolution for the global coffee industry: three waves describe the main trend.

The first wave

The First Wave consisted of mass marketers laser focused on increasing consumption of coffee and putting it in every kitchen. It is the first wave that revolutionised the packaging and marketing of coffee and introduced air-tight cans and pre-ground portion packs.

The second wave

The Second Wave of coffee was artisan-driven. It focused on coffee origins and roasting styles. This is the era of the coffee chain giants that introduced the words ‘latte’, ‘French Roast’, and ‘cappuccino’ into consumers’ vocabularies and their lives.

Third Wave coffee is a term coined by the founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, Trish Rothgeb, in an article for The Flamekeeper, the newsletter of the Roasters Guild in 2003.

The third wave

Just like the level of detail that connoisseurs of fine wines have demanded for decades, today’s coffee consumers increasingly expect to know exactly where the beans were harvested, when they coffee was roasted, how the beans were processed as well as the idea behind the blend, information about the farm, harvest, processing style, roast date, coffee variety and tasting notes before they make their purchase.

Excellence delivered.

The third coffee wave requires the utmost attention to every detail. Our coffee machines make excellence at home easy.

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How to extract the perfect aroma?

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