Bean culture

The four steps of transformation for a perfect coffee

Coffee represents a journey of transformation–a journey that begins on the plantation and ends in the cup. The beans slowly and meticulously transform as they progress along the coffee chain to make for an unforgettable drinking experience in the cup. Achieving a perfect coffee is not as simple as it seems – crafting the beverage involves much more than the proper raw materials: high-quality coffee beans, good brewing water, and when desired, suitable milk. In short, perfect coffee is an art, and De’Longhi is a master in the Art of Transformation: the coffee machine in fact plays an integral role in the journey of the beans and can make the difference between a good and a bad cup.


Art of Transformation: Four steps to a perfect bean-to-cup coffee 

De’Longhi’s technologies boast the ability to masterfully handle beans, milk and water during all the stages of coffee preparation to a perfect cup that elicits a pleasure that endures long after the last drop. 

The perfect cup of coffee involves four steps: grinding, tampingbrewing, and frothing – if you feel like a creamy milk-based drink. Anyone aiming to emulate the coffee shop experience from the comfort of their home needs a reliable ally. To start narrowing down their options, coffee lovers should decide what serves them best: fully automatic or manual bean-to-cup machines.



A coffee made for you: fully automatic machines 

For a coffee made for you, De’Longhi’s fully automatic machines kick off the coffee transformation journey with a simple touch of a button. This tailor-made experience, care of a fully integrated automatic system, suits those who want to use fresh beans to brew barista-quality coffee. For those who value convenience, but are less involved in the coffee preparation process as a whole, an entire range of coffee machines awaits them. 


A coffee made by you: manual machines

For a coffee made by you, De’Longhi’s manual machines suit those who love the coffee-making process as much as the result. Wannabe baristas can emulate real ones with a bean-to-cup coffee machine specifically designed to recall the look and feel of a professional one, complete with a technological solution that simplifies the coffee transformation process for a self-made coffee experience. The manual coffee machines are designed for hand-crafting a “perfetto” in-cup result. Coffee lovers can experiment with their favourite beans, grind, dose, tamp, and milk texture like a pro, releasing their inner barista to master the art of coffee making.



An ideal Italian ally 

There’s no “better choice”; it all comes down to preference, skills, and free time:
thanks to De’Longhi, compromise isn’t necessary to reach the final result. No matter what kind of coffee experience you seek, a De’Longhi machine is the perfect partner with a technology that respects the raw materials so that you can sip an exquisitely brewed cup.

Furthermore, being a family-owned Italian company, De’Longhi emphasises “Italianity”, enshrining the values of authenticity and craftsmanship. A combination of Italian heritage, passion, cutting-edge technology and dynamic aesthetics have made De’Longhi World Leader in Espresso Coffee Makers so that coffee lovers around the world can pour a perfect, tailor-made coffee for the ultimate taste experience from the comfort of their homes.  

Experience coffee to the fullest

No matter what your ​​​​​​preference is​​, De'Longhi ensures your taste experience is a truly unique one, with the perfect machine for your coffee, ​​​​​​​every time.

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