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Frothing coffee: how to foam hot and cold milk

Coffee isn’t just plain and black. From Cappuccinos to new trendy beverages, milk or plant-based alternatives complete the coffee drinks that characterise the daily routines of millions. For those who take theirs with milk, frothing coffee is one of the four steps for making a perfect coffee drink. After selecting good beans and properly grinding, tamping, and brewing  them, a coffee crowned with a perfect froth could be the icing on the cake.


What is frothing?

Frothing milk serves two purposes: to create foam by incorporating air and steam and to heat the milk to an ideal temperature (up to 65°C). Creating high-quality, frothy steamed milk requires correct and consistent pressure from the steam wand and manual skills for the desired texture. But you don’t need to be a professional to produce the perfect cup at home–De’Longhi’s technology makes it possible for coffee lovers of all ilks to replicate barista-style skills, knowledge, and experience using both manual and automatic frothing methods.


De’Longhi’s solution to frothing at home: hot vs. cold foam

De’Longhi’s LatteCrema Hot and Cool Technology is the secret for a perfectly frothy drink: this exclusive technology automatically delivers a fine rich foam, at the right temperature at the touch of a button. It is designed to work flawlessly with all kinds of milk, from dairy variants to plant-based alternatives* for the creamiest coffee experience, every time. Approved by Alpro**, the number one plant-based beverage producer, the technologies open up new testing territories for unforgettable soy, almond, and oat drinks.

For the best cold coffee experience all year round, Lattecrema Cool allows you to explore the wide selection of deliciously refreshing cold coffee beverages that have become cool in recent years. The Eletta Explore is the first De’Longhi machine equipped with this unique feature, and it’s a blast.

LatteCrema Hot and Cool Technology also whip up three different foam textures to choose from to crown your favourite drinks: the Dense option produces an extra-high and airy foam perfect for your Cappuccino, while the medium-level Creamy option results in a smooth and velvety foam perfectly blending with coffee and ideal for Latte Macchiato. Opt for the Light option if you prefer a delicate, silky-smooth froth to top your Flat White.


How to make the best Cappuccino foam manually

Frothing with De’Longhi could be just as simple as pushing a button. Still, you could practise the classic frothing technique to create an authentic barista experience at home

In fact, preparing a perfect Cappuccino requires frothing correctly, which isn’t always easy. Microfoam texture and temperature are the two elements that, when combined, play an essential role in achieving the desired result. Wannabe baristas can manually texture milk using the My LatteArt steam wand, which is available with La Specialista Family manual coffee machines and get a good microfoam that should be velvety, silky smooth, and dense with little to no air. 

Begin by pouring fresh, just-out-of-the-refrigerator milk into a stainless steel carafe. For a perfect Cappuccino, dip the tip of the traditional frother into the milk, then rotate the steam valve carefully until it’s fully open. Never heat the milk over 160°F/70°C, as it affects the froth quality, and when complete, let a little steam flush through the frother, and done!  Once you get it down pat, it’s hard to resist dabbling with latte designs.


Latte Art and recipes

A perfetto combination of milk foam and coffee can result in beautiful designs that are almost too pretty to drink. Latte art is a creative drawing technique that, with a little experience, can produce stunning effects on the surface of Cappuccinos by contrasting the brown Espresso cream with the white frothed milk. But it’s more than just fancy foam on top of your daily coffee; latte art calls for patience, a steady hand, practice and precision. There are those who manage to become artists of latte art, but all coffee lovers can experiment with hot and cold flavourful elaborate coffee drinks at home like Butterscotch Coffee Bliss, Lush Mocha and more. With De’Longhi coffee machines you have the best partner to fully express your creativity and create personal, new recipes. 


(* In case of allergies or intolerances to dairy milk or plant-based drinks, customers are required to read the instructions manual. Frothing quality may differ according to the type of milk or plant-based drink used or the individual brand, ingredients, and nutritional values.) 


 (** Test conducted on Alpro Barista beverages: soy, almond, and oat)

LatteCrema Hot & Cool Technology

Discover LatteCrema Hot and Cool Technology: the secret behind a fine rich foam, at the right hot or cold temperature, with dairy milk or even plant-based alternatives at the touch of a button.

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