KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters

As passionate coffee lovers, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters brings you exquisite coffees from the most exotic regions of the world. Expertly crafted, lovingly roasted – KaapiKaapi combines art and science to create coffee blends like no other, while supporting select cafes across Sydney. Whether it be their delicious espresso blends or their 100% Arabica blend, you’ll love how the world tastes with KaapiKaapi coffee.

Roaster's coffee

The Kracked Bean Celebrations blend is the latest from the house of KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters and is a perfect match for those looking to celebrate life’s special moments and life itself. Enjoy carefully selected, premium 100% Arabica coffee beans from four different origins. The Celebrations blend is expertly crafted and lovingly roasted in small batches, and exquisitely blended to reveal taste notes that complement those joyous and special moments worth celebrating.

Expect a complex, yet balanced and full-bodied coffee with taste notes of chocolate, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours. With gentle acidity, rounded sweetness and a smooth fade, this blend will delight and surprise coffee lovers.


KaapiKaapi’s premium 100% Arabica medium roasted coffee beans are the perfect blend for your flat whites, cappuccinos, long blacks or just plain espresso. Also goes well with milk alternatives like soy or almond milk. With this exotic Colombian dominant blend, you can expect a balanced, sweet and flavourful coffee with notes of caramel, light fruits, walnut and pecan.

KaapiKaapi’s premium Café Espresso Sena blend of medium-dark roasted coffee beans focuses on Brazilian and Colombian goodness, brought to the forefront with a sweet Indian origin. Expect a bold coffee with loads of crema and notes of earth, spice and walnut. This blend is designed for those who love their lattes and flat whites, or a very All Productsbold black coffee for the not-so faint-hearted. Sena also goes well with milk alternatives such as soy and almond.

This blend of medium-dark roasted coffee beans come from the fascinating regions of South America, East Africa and South India. The origins and roast degree have been specifically chosen to bring out a bold, sweet and aromatic coffee with notes of chocolate, earth, nuts and spice. The blend goes well with milk however, it is designed especially for those who prefer milk alternatives like soy or almond milk.