Stay chilled with ice coffee perfection

A cold coffee on a hot summer’s day is the perfect way to keep you chilled, but it’s easy to confuse iced lattes with your iced coffees, which is why we’ve prepared this quick explanation of the differences between the two.

cold Almond

What is cold coffee?

There are two ways of making iced coffee: using the Cold Brew or Cold Drip methods. Cold drip is a little more complicated to make as it requires a particular apparatus called a brew tower, and you have to drip cold water slowly onto a even bed of freshly-ground coffee which very slowly ends up in the jug at the bottom. You have to be fairly committed to the process and plan well ahead as it can take up to 12 hours to complete.

Cold brew coffee on the other hand is a lot more straightforward and is nothing more than freshly-ground coffee steeped with cold water and then filtered. Once again, it’s not a fast process and can take anywhere from four hours to a few days for your drink to be ready, but it’s well worth the wait!

Keeping our feet on the ground, there’s the classic latte, made from chilled coffee which in the majority of cases is nothing more than hot brewed coffee such as espresso, which is then cooled in a refrigerator. The classic latte is simply chilled coffee added to ice cold milk.

We couldn’t talk about iced coffees without mentioning the much-loved frappe, which is made by adding mixing milky coffee with crushed ice, ice cream or flavoured syrup.

Know you know your your iced lattes from your iced coffees, treat yourself to one of our delicious recipes.


Decadent Iced Coffee


  • 200ml almond milk
  • 2 scoops quality vanilla ice cream made with real vanilla
  • 2 espresso shots

Blend everything in a blender and serve over ice as desired. Add a final touch to your beverage with a couple of whole coffee beans. (If you use normal milk then you might want to add a little honey, try ½ a teaspoon).


Cold Raspberry Latte


  • Coffee beans
  • 100 ml of cold milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugar
  • Raspberry sauce
  • Brown sugar
  • Crushed nuts

First, prepare the upper part of the glass with raspberry sauce, brown sugar and crushed nuts. Then prepare a cup of cold coffee in a MixCarafe with aero stirrer and work up a decent amount of froth. Once ready, pour it into the cup. Rinse out the MixCarafe and add 100 ml of cold milk and prepare 1 cup of cold milk foam using the maximum level of froth.
Now pour the cold milk foam into the cup, over the cold coffee and decorate with white chocolate flakes and raspberries.

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