Accentuate flavours with the Pour Over method

One of the easiest ways to enjoy specialty coffee at home is to use the pour-over coffee method. As the name implies, pour-over coffee involves hand-pouring the water over freshly ground beans, which accentuates intricate flavours and releases an exquisitely rich coffee aroma.


What is the pour-over method?

Simply put, pour-over coffee is when you slowly pour hot water directly over freshly ground beans. It’s different to the drip-method as it allows you to you to control the temperature of the water, the speed at which it goes into the grounds, the amount of time it brews and of course how much coffee you make.

Pourover coffee starts with freshly ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, commonly known as a ‘pourover dripper.’ The process involves three general phases: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion

When beans are roasted, carbon dioxide accumulates inside the coffee beans. Wetting releases the carbon dioxide inside the beans as the hot water is poured over them, making the beans swell and expand in a process known as blooming. Unlike the drip method, pour-over coffee continuously replenishes the liquid surrounding the coffee grounds with new, fresher water. This promotes a faster, more efficient brew.

Once the coffee grinds are fully wetted, the hot water will dissolve the solubles in the ground coffee, a phase that takes about 30 seconds. Most of the roasted coffee bean, about two thirds of the bean’s mass, is insoluble cellulose. The other third is dissolvable in water. Most of the soluble part has good flavour but the rest may cause a bitter taste, and this is where timing comes into the equation.

As the coffee grounds are not all exactly the same size and shape, the finest grounds will come into contact with the bitter-flavor level before the larger sized grounds, which is why we recommend using a quality De’Longhi grinder for the perfect coffee experience every time.


  • Water 125 ml (preferably filtered)
  • 60-70 grams of freshly ground coffee

Step 1

Ground your coffee beans to a coarse sugar texture.


Step 2

Place the freshly-ground beans in the coffee filter.


Step 3

Add enough hot water to wet all the coffee grounds.


Step 4

Stop pouring and wait for about 30 seconds.


Step 5

Continue pouring water over the grounds at a slow and consistent rate.


Step 6

Stop when you’ve produced the desired amount of coffee.


Step 7

Enjoy your pour-over coffee.

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