The ultimate guide to the trendiest plant-based Lattes

7 recipes for 7 trends in the coffee industry you will love to drink and post on socials

Coffee lovers, Gen Z, and early adopters of new trends are brewing up a storm, experimenting with creative recipes to take their coffee up a notch. Don’t believe us? Just look at the decadent, creamy, colourful beverages trending on Instagram and TikTok. Choosing high-quality coffee beans is crucial to a perfect cup of coffee, as is toying with various ingredients that extend beyond the confines of dairy milk. Here’s a look at seven trends dominating social media. 

From oat drinks to fruity coffee and Cold Brew and more, professional and home baristas alike experiment with varied trends–many of which are complete with a frothy crown. Whether it’s a hot or cold foam, there’s no question that frothing is the coolest thing in the coffee world right now–even with non-dairy milk alternatives. Yet for a seemingly simple concept – incorporating air and steam to bring the milk to an ideal temperature – the process entails nuances that make all the difference between a so-so attempt and one on par with the hippest coffee shop creations. A good part of this comes down to the milk. Nowadays, coffee lovers of all ilks finish their drinks with non-dairy alternatives for reasons beyond restrictions and intolerances. For some, it’s just a matter of preference; for others, it goes deeper. Plant-based drinks are considered healthier, more sustainable, and, last but not least, a way to explore tastier possibilities than dairy milk. Contemporary coffee machines must suit new habits and appeal to all tastes, and that is what De’Longhi’s machines do.


Three levels of fine rich froth guaranteed

De’Longhi LatteCrema Hot and Cool Technologies guarantee creamy froths and work flawlessly with all types of milk, from dairy to its plant-based alternatives*. They prepare a fine, rich, long-lasting foam at the right temperature at the touch of a button*. De’Longhi’s LatteCrema Hot Technology doesn’t begin and end with just one foam– it whips up three different consistencies on many De’Longhi machines, including Dinamica Plus. The Light option produces warm milk for a delicate, lightweight foam, while medium-level Creamy results in a velvety foam with a fine texture and silky-smooth consistency. Finally, the hefty Dense foam delivers a tall, matte, full-bodied froth.  

Soy, oat and almond drinks, combined with De’Longhi’s manual and automatic coffee machines, provide coffee lovers with myriad Espresso-based beverages to satisfy every taste and fancy; they have the potential to go viral, too. Here’s a look at seven trendy coffee recipes you can make with De’Longhi’s machines and plant-based drinks–all are good to the last drop.


  1. Oat milk on the rise

Fondness for oat milk knows no bounds–even omnivores, drawn to its mildly sweet flavour, opt for it in lieu of traditional dairy. This Vanilla Latte hot coffee drink enhances the oat drink’s characteristics. The recipe couples vanilla syrup with a hot Cappuccino and finishes with caster sugar, whipped cream, and lemon zest. The LatteCrema Hot Technology delivers an Insta-worthy foam–and the drink tastes as good as it looks. We promise.


  1. Cold Brew is even better in an Oat Cold Brew Latte 

Cold Brew’s ever-increasing popularity reflects the beverage’s ever-evolving trajectory. Whether adding syrup or experimenting with flavoured foams, there are myriad ways to enjoy it. This Vanilla Oat Cold Brew Latte uses De’Longhi’s unprecedented Cold Extraction Technology. Featured on the Eletta Explore fully automatic machine and La Specialista Maestro and La Specialista Arte Evo manual machines, the technology pours a Cold Brew with freshly ground beans at the touch of a button in under five minutes—one that can stand up to any that’s undergone a 12-hour steep. So, you can instantly satisfy your craving–an impossible feat when cold brewing the standard way. 


The Vanilla Oat Cold Brew Latte incorporates vanilla extract and honey and finishes with a cold oat drink foam. The best way to whip up a perfect cold foam? De’Longhi’s exclusive LatteCrema Cool Technology.


  1. Flat White turns Almond White 

Having originated down under in the 1980s, the Flat White – or a Latte topped with less microfoam than a traditional one–isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is thanks to the endless clever riffs on the beverage, like this Honey Almond Flat White. It completes a standard Flat White with honey syrup and crushed almonds.


  1. Fruit match plant-based drinks

From smoothies to juices, fruit has always been in vogue. Of course, there are endless ways to incorporate it into other beverages like cocktails, milkshakes, tea, and coffee. To make this refreshing Cold Berry Oat Milk, prepare a Cold Oat Milk with the “Cold Milk” function, pour it over fresh mixed berries muddled with sugar syrup, then garnish with fresh berries.


  1. Spicy is hot (and cold)

Coffee goes just as great with spices as with fruit. Just ask the Turkish and Sudanese, who have been spicing their coffee for decades–long before pumpkin spice lattes dominated the cold-weather coffee scene. 

This Cold Tiki Vegan Latte recipe elaborates on a Cold Latte Macchiato made with oat drink, incorporating almond syrup, cinnamon powder, grated ginger, and lime zest into a glass with a few ice cubes. 


  1. Healthy wave and Agave Cappuccino 

Healthy never goes out of style–even the least rigid dieters choose the healthier option if it’s alluring enough, and this Agave Cappuccino suits every taste and fancy. The beverage’s primary sweetener, agave syrup, is added to a hot Cappuccino before it’s finished with a sprinkling of orange zest.


  1. Seasonality is a thing in coffee, too  

 Just as chefs follow the calendar, baristas also experiment with seasonal bounty for rich coffee drinks that dub as desserts. Winter means chestnut season, and this Soy Chestnut Cappuccino capitalises on the slightly sweet, earthy nuts. The recipe calls for mixing chestnut cream with hot Cappuccino and finishing with soy drink foam and orange zest.


Now, all you have to do is unleash your creativity and try these recipes to savour a creamy hot or cold coffee drink enjoying plenty of non-dairy alternatives and flavours. 


(*In case of allergies or intolerances to dairy milk or plant-based drinks, customers are required to read the instructions manual. Frothing quality may differ according to the type of milk or plant-based drink used or the individual brand, ingredients, and nutritional values.)

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