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Rivelia wants you to switch to your new coffee experience

Experts are sure that coffee is no longer exclusive to those with extensive knowledge, as countless options are available for everyone to explore and enjoy their perfect cup in and outside the home. 

Over time, the coffee industry has experienced various phases called “waves.” These waves embody the evolution of global coffee culture, the refinement of processes such as sourcing, cultivating, harvesting, and treating fresh coffee beans before roasting, but also the different ways society consumes coffee. The fourth wave is the latest and most significant as it shifts the action from coffee shops, which led in the second and third waves, to homes and private spaces. Get ready because now the new De’Longhi Rivelia  fully automatic coffee machine is here to help you discover this incredible world and take your coffee routine to the next level.


Selecting the Perfect Bean: Weighing Roasting, Origins and Flavours 

Exploring the realm of coffee beans can be challenging: every aspect, whether the roast level, country of origin, single-origin or blend, contributes to unique flavour nuances. It is a captivating universe to discover, comprehend, and customise. 

For example, coffee experts believe that the best coffee comes from single-origin beans. However, blends of beans from different origins have become increasingly popular, thanks to the effective use of combinations by top baristas across the globe, earning recognition and appreciation. No need to worry: with De’Longhi Rivelia, exploring the infinite world of fresh coffee beans just became easier, and it’s just one switch away.

Arabica, Robusta and Liberica: whatever coffee you like, Rivelia is the machine that, thanks to its innovative Bean Switch System, lets you experiment with different varieties of beans and explore their unique origins and tastes. This technological solution allows you to store your beans in two dedicated compact bean hoppers and easily switch between them.


Create a New Immersive Coffee Experience

Rivelia is an advanced coffee machine that adapts to you. Thanks to its 4 user profiles and Coffee Routine function, Rivelia makes sure to learn your coffee routine and tailor the menu to your preferences and time of day for a fully customisable cup of coffee. It offers 16 coffee and milk-based drinks thanks to the exclusive LatteCrema Hot Technology allowing you to create a delicious Flat White or a foamy Cappuccino at the ideal hot temperature at the touch of a single button. This, together with rich animations on a touch colour display and a playful tone of voice, is part of creating an immersive experience that makes every coffee break enjoyable and unique. It’s a true revolution in coffee-making, taking you on a new journey of delicious flavours.


No Coffee Geek needed: Easy and Intuitive  

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, there is no need to worry about making a great coffee. Rivelia is here for you: it makes it possible to create a high-quality brew with ease and convenience thanks to the Bean Adapt Technology that easily adapts grind level, coffee dose and infusion temperature to the chosen beans.


Style, don’t compromise

Italian design made it once more. The new Rivelia boasts a modern, renewed, stylish design that can complement any coffee space. Rivelia comes in four different mat and elegant colours ranging from the soft pebble grey to the clean arctic white, the natural sand beige, or the bold onyx black. After all, style and taste share a close relationship. Its compact size and sleek lines make it a must-have for demanding and sophisticated design lovers. Don’t let its size fool you, though: it is compact with a highly technological heart.  

As the Italian designer Bruno Munari once said, “Everyone can complicate. Few can simplify.” Rivelia does it and helps you achieve the perfect balance of flavour, aroma, and texture in your cup of coffee at the touch of a button.



Discover the new Rivelia

Switch to your new coffee experience and take your coffee journey to the next level with Rivelia, the new bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine by De'Longhi.

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