Toffee Coffee Banoffee Waffle Punch

Introducing the Toffee Coffee Banoffee Waffle Punch by @scottishmixology, using the Triple Co Roast blend.

cold Alcohol


▪️ 120ml @triplecoroast Brazilian Espresso
▪️ 100ml @langsrum Banana Jamaican Pot Still rum
▪️ 100ml @belgroverum Hazelnut Demerara rum
▪️ 80ml @caramol Caramel Liqueur
▪️ 40ml @gonzalezbyassuk Pedro Ximenez Sherry
▪️ 40ml @grahamsthefamilydairy Double Cream
▪️ 1 TBSP caramelised banana jam
▪️ 1 large scoop @aldiscotland Specially Selected Toffee Waffle Ice cream
▪️ Juice of 1 lime

Glass – @libbeyglass_europe
Garnish – Brûléed Banana slice

Step 1

To make this, add all the below ingredients to a jug, give it a good stir and leave it overnight, stirring every few hours. Prep your filter, pour it through (this can take a while), return to a jar and chill it. Job done, and the clarification process removes the things that make the drink go bad so this lasts a long time too.

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