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Caffelatte (Latte)

A hit in UK coffee shops, the perfect latte can easily be created in the comfort of your own home.

Easy Milk based


Espresso coffee


Italy is probably home to the world’s most famous and beloved coffee culture. In Italy, the day begins with the caffelatte, enjoyed with biscuits or a piece of cake. Later in the day mainly non milk recipes are consumed.

To create the perfect latte, steam your milk to the required temperature and add to the cup. Add your espresso coffee shot and mix thoroughly. Next, froth a little milk and top the drink. The frothy white layer is the perfect base for a bit of latte art!

The latte is the perfect drink to add a cheeky extra shot of espresso to for those mornings when you need a little extra!

Lattes differ from cappuccinos as they use more steamed milk, less froth, and are fully blended.

For added pizzazz, show off your creation to perfection in our hand blown Coffee Glasses, which arrive presented in a gift box.

Tip: Use dairy free alternatives with confidence and experiment with flavours. Our favourites include oat or almond milk.


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