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Making the Perfect Americano

One Americano please 

Mix high quality espresso shot and hot water and the magic happens – you’ve got yourself the perfect Americano coffee. It’s a simple process, however, it requires a little bit of math to get the right ratio for your taste. The amount of water used will determine the final taste and it depends on your own preferences to define what ratio suits you best. Personalize your drink based on whether you prefer a strong Americano or you would rather have it milder. Make it even more customized and add your favorite add-ons such as honey, cinnamon, sugar, or leave it classic.

Whatever consistency you choose, it’s a wonderful way to start your day!

The Americano Legend

The story goes that it was created in America by an Italian barista who was serving espresso-based coffee, but when a customer asked for a long black coffee, the barista improvised and created this drink. When asked what it was, he called it an Americano. According to the legend, US soldiers during WW2, used to their drip coffee, found the Italian espresso too strong. To make it milder, water was added and the Americano was created. It did not take long to become a popular drink both in Europe and the US and is still considered to be one of the most famous coffees in the world.

Coffee beans

Beans are the most important ingredient when making an Americano, so make sure you choose the right coffee beans for your taste.



5 min Easy Coffee based


  • Single or double shot of espresso
  • Topped up with hot water
  • According to your taste, you can add sugar, honey or cinnamon


Step 1:  It is typically served in a medium-sized cup and is simply made by using a shot or two of espresso and topping it up with hot water.

Step 2:  Add sugar or any other add-ons to taste.

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