Ready to Pour-over?

Do you want to make specialty coffee at home? Pour-over coffee is a great option to start with. The pour-over coffee is a relaxing coffee-making process in which the water drops poured over the freshly ground beans release nice rich coffee aroma. The result is a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.


What is Pour over coffee?

Pour-over is a simple and fast way to brew coffee. Simply put, pour-over coffee is made through pouring drips over freshly ground beans. Freshly ground coffee is recommended if you want to have the full pour-over coffee experience. Pour-over involves three phases, the first one being wetting, which is a simple process but what happens behind this process is quite interesting.

The process of roasting, which beans go through, creates carbon dioxide inside the coffee beans. What the wetting process does is releasing the carbon dioxide inside the beans when the water is poured over. As a result, the coffee beans start to swell and expand, a process known as blooming. Waiting for the water to dissolve the ground coffee is the second phase and takes about 30 seconds. Timing is one of the most important elements when brewing coffee and has an effect over the final result. Roasted coffee beans have two thirds that are insoluble cellulose and one third that is soluble. Most of the soluble part has good flavour but the rest may cause a bitter taste. The secret to achieving nice pour-over coffee with rich delicious taste lies in knowing when to stop the process. After the blooming process is finished, the water is poured over to achieve the final result of poured over coffee.


  • Water 125 ml (preferably filtered)
  • 60-70 grams of freshly ground coffee

Step 1

Ground your coffee beans till they reach a coarse sugar texture.

Step 2

Put the freshly ground beans in the coffee filter.

Step 3

Put water in the container.

Step 4

Start the pour-over process.

Step 5

Enjoy your pour-over coffee.

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