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Spice Up Your Latte, not just any pumpkin spice, give your coffee a kick to warm up the cold season

‘Tis the season for Pumpkin Spice Lattes – the cult coffee beverage that’s just as synonymous with autumn as the colourful foliage outside. Its popularity has expanded from the confines of its stateside origins with new varieties whipping up delicious taste sensations for coffee lovers worldwide. An espresso-based drink, pumpkin spice latte features pumpkin pie spice flavouring and a whipped cream topping–a cinch to replicate at home. 

Espresso with a kick

As autumn endures, the ever-evolving foliage foretells the upcoming holidays, recalling the flavours that characterize this joyous time of year, such as that of eggnog, the chilled, spiked milky Christmas tipple. Teetotallers can forgo the standard addition of brandy, rum, whisky, or bourbon. Eggnog’s base, composed of sugar, egg yolk, egg whites, milk, and cream, renders it a natural complement for coffee – the two flavours enhance one another, providing coffee lovers with a caffeinated kick that channels the holiday spirit. Our Espresso Eggnog recipe adds bourbon topped with whipped cream and cinnamon – it’s the perfect way to warm up after a day on the slopes – or just because you deserve it. 

Sweet and minty 

During the holidays, peppermint mainly materializes in the form of the ubiquitous red and white cane-shaped confections dangling from Christmas trees, sitting in a bowl on the table, or taped to a gift to add extra holiday flair. This Candy Cane Peppermint Latte evokes the season’s feel-good vibes while also serving as a perfect way to use any leftovers.  This recipe combines Brazil single-origin coffee, milk, and chocolate and peppermint syrups for a sweet, caffeinated treat that pays homage to the Christmas season. Garnish with a (leftover) candy cane. 


While tiramisu delights all year round, there’s just something about the rich, luscious mascarpone coupled with coffee-soaked ladyfingers that’s extra satisfying come winter. This Tiramisu Coffee encapsulates the unmistakable flavours of the beloved Italian dessert inside a mug, and coffee lovers can savour the treat at their own pace. The recipe mixes zabaglione cream, cacao powder, and orange zest, then finishes with a ladyfinger for that final, delicious touch.