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Plant-based drinks for Frothing at Home

Dos and Dont’s for a rich and dense Foam

Once upon a time, coffee lovers requesting non-dairy alternatives for their coffee were a minority. Nowadays, though, a coffee shop not offering plant-based options is deemed subpar. These beverages are no longer just a performative substitute to satisfy specific dietary requirements or restrictions—today, even non-vegans opt to crown their Cappuccinos with a froth whipped up from one of these non-dairy liquids. 

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a plant-based beverage is that each has its own aromatic subtleties that could impact the overall taste of the coffee. Oat tends to have the closest possible flavour to cow milk but with a slightly sweeter note, while the vegetal undertones of soy can make it tricky to pair with certain coffee varieties. Even unsweetened almond beverages pack a noticeable sweetness, and, expectedly, a nuttiness that enhances most coffee. 

Tips and tricks for non-dairy beverages

Not all plant-based beverages are created equally–some froth better than others, and this all comes down to the fat content: the fatter the milk, the frothier the foam. Soy, almond and oat beverages foam markedly better than those made from rice, coconut, and other types of nuts because the latter options don’t pack enough fat to concoct a dense, creamy froth. 

Getting the froth right starts with using the barista edition plant-based beverages, which are crafted especially for coffee, as standard plant-based beverages can foam a little too excessively. Barista editions are not too sweet or heavy; they froth perfectly thanks to added ingredients that help the foam take shape. 

Creating hot plant-based foams at home is even easier with De’Longhi LatteCrema Hot Technology. This frothing system, featured on a specific range of De’Longhi fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines, uses specially designed hot technology to whip up foams at home that are perfectly creamy, rich and at the ideal hot temperature, rivalling some of the finest coffee shop creations. The Technology perfectly fits the collaboration with Alpro, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based products. Coffee lovers simply have to fill the LatteCrema Hot Technology carafe with either fresh milk or plant-based drinks of their choice, select the desired foam level, and press a button–the LatteCrema Hot Technology does all the work.

When frothing at home, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, don’t retrieve the beverage from the fridge until necessary– milk or plant-based drink should be at fridge temperature to work at best. Lastly, don’t let it sit in the carafe for too long as milk would get warm compromising the final result.

Temperature is vital

When it comes to froth and coffee pairing, it’s best to match the froth temperatures to the drink temperatures: use a cold froth for cold coffee drinks and a hot froth for hot drinks. A hot foam isn’t suited to cold drinks and vice versa: the froth temperature must match that of the coffee, otherwise, the foam will collapse into the liquid.

And speaking of temperature, it ties into another of LatteCrema Hot Technology’s perks: dual protection. The double-walled thermal carafe maintains the milk at fridge temperature for a longer time, which is ideal when preparing several consecutive milk drinks to serve at once. And any leftover milk doesn’t have to go to waste–simply store the carafe in the refrigerator. 

Whether coffee lovers are opting for plant-based foams due to preference or dietary restriction, De’Longhi’s technology will help them craft drinks crowned with a foam that’s just as creamy and dense as the one whipped up by a professional.

LatteCrema Hot Technology

Discover LatteCrema Hot Technology: the secret behind a creamy, rich and long-lasting foam at the right hot temperature, using dairy milk or plant-based alternatives at the touch of a button.

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