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The Land’s End Coffee was born out of a desire to bring great tasting coffee to Cornwall, and be as fresh, local and sustainable as possible. We believe that the coffee you drink should be of the highest quality, with clear accountability of how it has been made and processed. We operate out of a converted 20ft steel shipping container, just a short five minute walk away from Land’s End. It’s here that we extensively trial roast and fine-tune our process for each variety of coffee, ensuring that every bean we sell brings you the very best in flavour.

Roaster’s coffee

There are around 850 smallholder farmers who tender cherry to the Gigesa Washing Station in Shakisso, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, which borders Sidama to the southeast. The average farm size is 2.5 hectares, with corn, grains and banana typically growing alongside the coffee. The wet mill uses clean river water to process its washed coffee, which are fermented underwater in tanks for 48 hours before being washed clean of its mucilage and dried on raised beds. Aside from its near-legendary status as the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, there is much to love about Ethiopia as a producing nation, including but not limited to the incredible diversity of flavor and character that exists among microregions.

£7.25£25.25 VAT included
£7.25 VAT included

This coffee comes from a combination of lots tendered by the 178-hectare Ulya plantation as well as several hundred local smallholder farmers. From these deliveries, day lots are blended together by quality and cup at the Ulya mill, located in the heart of Waghi Valley, in Papua New Guinea’s Western Highlands

£7.50£25.25 VAT included
£7.50 VAT included

This coffee is a sustainable, EA decaf from a selection of smallholder farms in Huila, Colombia. Ethyl Acetate (EA) comes from Sugar Cane and is a naturally- occurring compound (there is no EA present in the final product.) Whilst water is still part of the decaffeination process, the EA method uses considerably less water than most other methods of decaffeination. The processing facility is also located nearby to the farm, so this greatly reduces the use of fossil fuels.

£7.75£23.50 VAT included
£7.75 VAT included

This coffee has travelled by sail boat, from Colombia to Cornwall. This means that this coffee has practically zero emissions! The ship has traveled approximately 6,750 nautical miles, harnessing the power of the wind.

£7.50£23.00 VAT included
£7.50 VAT included

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