Making the Perfect Latte

One of the newest coffees that were added to the traditional Italian coffee menu, but one of the coffees that have been drunk for centuries.

Eventually, someone in a coffee shop offers you something you recognize; a milky coffee (yes please) but what is it really?

By adding an excellent espresso to beautifully textured milk, hey presto you have a Latte. It really is that easy. Often when you want a little treat at home, you heat a little milk and add it to your coffee to enjoy a luxurious coffee. Latte is the Italian word for milk and Italian, in general, has been accepted as the international language for coffee.


The Caffè Latte story

First introduced as a beverage around the 17th Century as a ‘milchkaffee’, ‘café au lait’ and ‘café con leche’ in parts of Europe and Scandinavia. Caffè e latte was first used in the English language (as stated in the Oxford dictionary) in 1867 by William Dean Howells in his ‘Italian Journeys’. The Latte was popularized in Seattle in the early 1980s, however, this description did not appear in coffee houses until as recently as 1996/97.

Made with an espresso and textured milk. It is only fairly recently that the foam has become truly mastered and the term ‘microfoam’ used.

A very popular coffee and more common than a Cappuccino.


  • Single or double shot of espresso
  • Beautifully textured milk (150ml approx. With a single shot)
  • According to your taste, you can add sugar, honey or cinnamon

Step 1

Typically served in a medium-sized cup using a shot or two of espresso and topping it up with textured milk.

Step 2

Add sugar or any other add-ons to taste.

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