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Making the Perfect Cappuccino

Yes, I’ll have a Cappuccino.


As you stand staring at the menu, confused, in a coffee shop, you spot the Cappuccino. At last, something you recognize. “Yes, I’ll have a Cappuccino“, but what is it? By adding an excellent espresso to beautifully foamed milk, hey presto, you have a Cappuccino. It really is that straightforward. Often you hear people describing the Cappuccino as one-third espresso, one-third milk and one-third foam. However, although it may contain these three ingredients, the ratios are nearer one-sixth espresso, three sixths hot milk and two-sixths foam. Of course, you mustn’t forget the chocolate sprinkles. Cocoa on the top is possibly the most recognizable garnish in the world, however, it can be cinnamon, nutmeg or anything else you choose.


The Cappuccino story


It was first introduced as a beverage around the 17 th Century as a ‘kapuziner’ in the coffee houses in Vienna. Generally, a coffee with cream and sugar. Capuchin translates to the hood, and Capuchin monks in Vienna wore vestments similar to the coffee, so the nickname for the beverage was born.


We believe the Cappuccino as we know it today was first mentioned in northern Italy in the 1930s, and this fits in with the history and popularity of the espresso machine. With the different styles of coffees being brewed all around Europe following the second world war, the Italians and the popularity and widespread use of the espresso machine that the ‘Cappuccino’ was redefined. It was made with espresso and foamed milk. It is only recently that the foam has become truly mastered, and the term ‘microfoam’ is used.


Unquestionably one of the most recognizable names of coffee around the world today.


5 min Easy Coffee based


  • Single or double shot of espresso
  • Beautifully foamed milk (150ml approx with a single shot
  • Garnish with cocoa or cinnamon or nutmeg
  • According to your taste, you can add sugar, honey or cinnamon


  •  It is typically served in a medium-sized cup using a shot or two of espresso and topping it up with foamed milk.
  •  Add sugar or any other add-ons to taste. 
  • Garnish.

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