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Cool Coffee Drinks for Hot Summer Days

The scientists amongst you will know that a hot drink in the summer should cool us down as it makes us sweat, but let’s be honest, who wants to sweat to cool down when you’re already feeling hot and bothered! If you’re worried that you’ll miss your coffee fixes during the summer, don’t despair, you can still enjoy your coffee by opting for a cold version instead.

Cold coffee on a hot summer’s days is the perfect way to keep you chilled this summer, but do you know your iced lattes from your iced coffees? Here’s a quick explanation of how the coffee used to make each one is different.

Iced coffee can be made from Cold Brew Coffee or Cold Drip Coffee methods. Cold drip coffee requires quite a complicated contraption called a brew tower. Cold water drips slowly onto a bed of coffee, where it slowly passes through the coffee and into a filter, and then finally into a jug. The whole process takes up to 12 hours. On the other hand, cold brew coffee doesn’t require such a complicated contraption – it’s essentially just ground coffee steeped with cold water and then filtered. The process can take anywhere from four hours to a few days.

A latte however is made from chilled coffee. Most chilled coffees are made with hot brewed coffee such as espresso, which is then cooled. For a latte, simply add the chilled coffee to ice cold milk. Another much-loved chilled coffee variety around the world is the frappe, which consists of a milky coffee blended with crushed ice and ice cream or flavoured syrup.

So now you know the difference, what will yours be? An Iced Coffee or an Iced Latte? If you can’t quite decide, here’s a couple of lovely recipes for you to enjoy at your leisure.


Decadent Iced Coffee 


200ml almond milk, 2 scoops quality vanilla ice cream, made with real vanilla and 2 shots espresso


Blender + Espresso coffee maker


Blitz all in a blender, serve over ice as desired. Garnish with a couple of whole coffee beans. (If you use normal milk then you might want to add a little honey, say ½ a teaspoon or so).

This is also dangerously good with 30 ml of bourbon added to it, a great way to finish a long, lazy brunch.


Cold Raspberry Latte


Coffee beans, 100 ml of cold milk, Ice cubes, Sugar, Raspberry sauce, Brown sugar, Crushed nuts


Bean to Cup + MixCarafe with aero stirrer / Long spoon


To create the first part of the recipe, decorate the upper part of the glass with raspberry sauce, brown sugar and crushed nuts. Add a thin layer of raspberry sauce to the bottom of the glass. Next, use the MixCarafe to prepare 1 cup of cold coffee using the maximum level of froth and pour it into the cup. Once completed, rinse the MixCarafe and add 100 ml of cold milk and prepare 1 cup of cold milk foam using the maximum level of froth. Once ready pour the cold milk foam into the cup, over the cold coffee. Finally, decorate with white chocolate flakes and raspberries.

For best visual results pour each drink into the glass over the back of a long spoon to create even layers.

Medium 1 servings Milk based

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