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The traditional Italian cappuccino is widely sold in coffee shops, and it is easy to make your own.

Medium Coffee based


Espresso coffee beans

Milk of your choosing


It is presumed that the name cappuccino stems from the order of Capuchin monks.

The precise reference is either to the hoods worn by the monks (Italian: cappuccio) whose shape resembles the bonnet of milk foam in a cappuccino or the brown colour of the hoods which matches the ideal brown colour of the drink.

The traditional cappuccino uses equal parts of milk foam, espresso and steamed milk, and is distinctly layered. It differs to a latte, which which has a lot more steamed milk and then fully blended.

Tip: Try almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk for dairy free alternatives. All De’Longhi coffee machines can froth all types of milk alternative. The fresher the milk, the better it froths!

Show off your results with the De’Longhi hand blown cappuccino coffee glasses!

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