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Coffee Mixology: how to stir, or shake, a caffeinated twist on classics

There’s no question that coffee is one of the world’s most versatile drinks–it can be sipped hot, iced, with milk, sweetened, flavoured with syrups, topped with cold foam, and myriad other forms. So, it’s not surprising that mixologists worldwide consider the beverage essential. 

Coffee as a mixer has come a long way since the heyday of the Espresso Martini, which originated in the 1980s and remained popular well into the early noughties. In the same way that incorporating wine into a cocktail can elevate the drink’s complexity, coffee adds not only an extra burst of caffeine but also new depths of flavour and aromas. The coupling might initially seem offbeat, but coffee’s dynamic gustatory and olfactory notes jibe harmoniously with those of countless spirits and liqueurs. 

Coffee mixology is indeed an art–but not one elusive enough to render it impossible for amateurs. With these three approachable recipes from De’Longhi, coffee lovers can effortlessly infuse a little kick into their beverages at home. 

Sweet and smoky Mexico

The Mezcal Coffee cocktail drink draws inspiration from Oaxaca, the state in southwest Mexico, where it’s customary to mix one’s coffee with this smoky blue-agave-based spirit–especially after a meal as combining the two makes for a punchy, enjoyable, balanced beverage. Simply couple freshly brewed Espresso with brown sugar and dissolve. Next, add the mezcal, mix again, and crown with a dollop of whip cream if desired. 

A classic with a caffeinated twist 

The Coffee Margarita incorporates another blue-agave-based Mexican liqueur: tequila. Unsurprisingly, origin stories surrounding the iconic cocktail abound; one involves an American socialite living in Acapulco in 1948. Ever the gracious hostess, Margarita Sames would greet her guests with a cocktail comprising tequila, Triple Sec, and lime juice, rendering her its namesake. To make a Coffee Margarita two hot Espressos need to be combined in a shaker with tequila and ice, poured into a glass and topped with lemon zest.

Old-School Inspiration

One of the most epic cocktails of all time, an Old Fashioned starts with muddled sugar, bitters, and water. It’s then topped with whiskey, rye, or bourbon and garnished with orange and a cocktail cherry. Its earliest iteration dates back to the 19th century, and it remains a source of inspiration for mixologists today who frequently reinvite the drink with their flair–the tipple even boasts eponymous glassware. 

To make a Coffee Old Fashioned, begin by combining orange bitters, simple syrup, creme de cacao, and bourbon with ice in a shaker and shaking for 10 seconds. 

Next, pour the mixture into a glass–preferably an Old Fashioned one–and top with hot Espresso.

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