From bean to perfect coffee in just one touch

From bean to perfect espresso in one touch. It’s that easy.

Automatic Coffee Makers


Get the most out of your beans

Automatic coffee machines open the doors to unforgettable coffee experiences at home. Simply choose your favourite beans and let your De’Longhi Automatic Coffee Makers take care of grinding, dosing, tamping and brewing, automatically, in one touch.


A harmony of technology and precision

Thanks to high-precision electronic controls, LatteCrema Hot and Cool Technologies automatically delivers a rich, creamy and long lasting foam, at the right hot or cold temperature, until the very last drop. Enjoy all your favourite milk-based drinks with dairy or plant-based alternatives at the touch of a button.

(*) only for La Specialista Maestro.

Choose your Automatic Coffee Maker



The ultimate coffee shop experience
Advanced technology and eye-catching design for personalised drinks with precise grinding and perfectly creamy milk foam.
primadonna-soul-ecam610-75-mb copia

PrimaDonna Soul

Taste the true aroma of your favourite beans
Automatic grinding and brewing adjustment ensures the best coffee experience for your specific beans.

Dinamica Plus

Striking looks that suit any kitchen
A personalised, high quality coffee experience from bean to cup enhanced by unique interactive features.

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