Coffee Culture

True or false? Some quick truths about coffee.

Coffee is bad for your health: false

It has been scientifically demonstrated that a daily consumption of a moderate amount of coffee is good for your health. 

The beneficial effects of coffee on our health are not only due to the caffeine content but also to other chemical compounds such as antioxidants, minerals and small amounts of vitamins. The caloric content of a cup of espresso is only 2kcal, so the most important health input the drink brings to us is due to caffeine content. 

A moderate amount of caffeine in our daily life stimulates the central nervous system by helping concentration, increasing alertness and facilitating the storage of short-term information. 

From the physical point of view, caffeine helps and accelerates the secretion of gastric juices, stimulate diuresis, accelerates metabolism and, in agonistic long-term aerobic performances, helps raise our fatigue and pain tolerance threshold.

Decaf is bad for you: false

No matter which solvent is used in the decaffeinating process, there are no solvent residues in a cup of decaffeinated coffee. It can therefore be said that drinking decaffeinated coffee is just as good as drinking normal coffee, without the caffeine.

Roasted beans should be oily: false

Too much oil on the surface of a roasted bean means the roasting process was too strong, causing the bean to become darker with a bitter taste in the cup and burnt aromatic hints. Furthermore, exposing the oils to oxygen in the air accelerates oxidation and the rapid deterioration of the coffee.

Never adjust the coffee grinder: false

The roasted coffee bean, especially once the package has been opened and emptied into the coffee maker, is a ‘living’ material that ages and changes with changing weather conditions, so it’s wise to adjust the grinder as follows:

  • wet/rainy climates: coarser grind;
  • dry/windy climates: thinner grind;
  • short degassing period: coarser grinding;
  • long degassing period: finer grinding.


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