Coffee culture

Coffee is pleasure, with milk it’s love

Making coffee like a barista is a specialised craft revolving around three main products: coffee, water, and milk. The science behind espresso is widely known, and we’ve also touched on water chemistry, yet we haven’t given milk the voice it deserves.

Unsurprisingly, the higher the quality of the ingredients used, the better the final result. We already understand the importance of the coffee bean, now let’s take a quick look at milk.

Milk lovers unite!

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The chemical composition of milk and different types

Milk’s chemical structure falls under a number of classifications. Scientifically, the major components of milk are water, protein, fat and sugar (carbohydrates), and other vitamins, minerals, and salts.

Milk includes the well-known milk types:

  • Whole pasteurized fresh milk;
  • Semi-skimmed fresh pasteurized milk;
  • Low-fat milk.


And the new, vegetable-based alternatives

  • Soy and Oats
  • Soy and Almond
  • Almond 

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