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Coffee type

Single origin


100% Arabica


Fruity, flowers, bakery, spicy


Honey natural




Similar coffee

The story of triumph over adversity rings true, when you learn the mill’s name Rusekabuye translates to ‘man who hits stone with head and breaks it into one thousand pieces’. Hilare, one of the owners of Rusekabuy was lobbied by producers in the region to build the station after he faced resistance by the only mill owner in the town not to proceed. As the newest mill of 13 established by the Akawa Project, Rusekabuye helps producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way, creating fairer remunerations and better living conditions. They do this by helping the producers follow UTZ certification standards, focusing on good agricultural practices, environmental responsibility and social equity. The results of this important work shows in the quality of the coffee harvested that has exceeded our expectations. This coffee has a super-sweet fruit juice quality and smooth creamy mouthfeel.

Tastes of raisins, stone fruits and butterscotch.

Criteria Coffee’s newest coffee from the JFBG comes from father and son Tarkegn Gutu and Gutu Birre, from the Gedeo zone. This natural process Kurume is an exceptional expression of an Ethiopian coffee with bold tropical fruit notes and rich texture. A standout as both filter and espresso.

Tastes of tropical fruits, pineapple and honeysuckle.

This special micro lot celebrates the achievements of a dedicated small group of female farmers from the Kigarama Village, who saw an opportunity to move away from the traditional co-op model of homogenised coffee sale by creating their own association ‘Rwamweru’ within the Koakaka co-operative. Traditionally, sales would be shared amongst members, but the Rwamweru producers decided to separate their product, selling it directly to achieve the best price for their families. Farmed in the hillsides surrounding the Karambi washing station, located in the Kigoma Sector of Huye District, the ripest cherries are carefully picked and collected for sale. At the washing station the best cherries are processed, going through a 12-14 hour fermentation post pulping, then floated to sort and soaked for a further 14 hours. The beans are then wet sorted and dried on African beds for 14 days.

The careful handling by both the station workers and farming producers creates a bean that is extremely high in quality and rich in flavour, such as this Red Bourbon. A comforting coffee that celebrates sweet, stewed fruit characteristics balanced with smooth milk chocolate.

Tastes of nectarine, honeydew and milk chocolate.

An award-winning specialty coffee blend with a creamy mouthfeel and tasting notes of berry chocolate, caramel and peanut butter.  This blend is delicious when served black and with milk.

This coffee was grown in the Chiapas region on a single farm in the South of Mexico, where it has benefited from a lush rainforest ecosystem with minerals and soils conducive to excellent coffee. It’s sourced from a single farm which is very unique for decaf, and processed using the Mountain Water Process*.

Decaf drinkers will enjoy its medium body and long, very juicy aftertaste with flavour notes of brown sugar, toffee and orange peel. A lovely balance of citrus and sweet notes with a low acidity makes for a velvety mouthfeel, enjoyable both with milk, and on its own as a black coffee.

*Mountain Water Process is a decaffeination method that immerses the green beans in clear and pure water to extract the caffeine through a special filter. This results in a bean that retains all of its delicious flavour notes, with no caffeine.